One of the major draws to the Xeko TCG Game Cards is the fantastic artwork. This page is dedicated to those talented few who have graced these Xeko TCG Game Cards with their superior talent.

Artists by Xeko Hot Spot (in order of appearance in the expansion set):

Xeko - Mission: Madagascar
Dean Yeagle (cards=10)
Edward Pun (cards=20)
Michel Gagne (cards=59)
Bo Geddes (cards=1)
Travis Kotzebue (cards=21)
Beth Gonzalez (cards=3)
Joe Park (cards=1)

Xeko - Mission: Costa Rica
Travis Kotzebue (cards=51)
Michel Gagne (cards=36)
Adam Bolt (cards=4)
Jordan Kotzebue (cards=23)
Matt Bahr (cards=3)
Mark Paulik (cards=3)
Brandon Bolt (cards=7)
Edward Pun (cards=2)
BJ Nartker (cards=9)
Don Flores (cards=3)
Peter Bentley (cards=7)
Liz Harper (cards=1)
Shannon Keegan (cards=3)

Xeko - Mission: Indonesia
BJ Nartker (cards=31)
Travis Kotzebue (cards=33)
Brandon Bolt (cards=6)
Michel Gagne (cards=10)
Augie Pagan (cards=2)
Jordan Kotzebue (cards=19)
Adam Bolt (cards=19)

Xeko Mission Madagascar introduced us to 7 artists with Michel Gagne bearing the lions share of this set with 59 cards followed by Travis Kotzebue) and Edward Pun with 21 and 20 respectively.

Michel Gagne has a way of not only capturing the essence of our eco pals but he can also capture our hearts. Gagne connects with the Xeko community so well that his artwork is difficult to keep in stock. One of my favorite pieces he's done is the Fossa. Gagne's perspective of these animals seems to bring the action to life. He is also know for creating two of the hottest selling singles in the Xeko TCG set Aye-aye and the ever adorable Hairy-eared Dwarf Lemur.

Xeko Mission Costa Rica brought us 8 new artists with Travis Kotzebue leading the pack with 51 followed by Michel Gagne and Jordan Kotzebue with 36 and 23 respectively. Beth Gonzalez and Dean Yeagle did not return for this expansion.

Travis Kotzebue stepped up production for this expansion and brought us many great images including the Strawberry Tadpole, Scarlet Macaw and of course the hard to get Giant Whale Shark.

Xeko Mission Indonesia return of the powerhouses Travis Kotzebue leading the pack again with 33 followed by BJ Nartker with 31.

BJ Nartker makes a splash in this edition by producing some of the most saught after cards like Ocra, Bornean Orangutan and his primate couzin the Sumatran Orangutan.

Sketch Cards: If you like the Xeko TCG card art you will love the Sketch Cards. There are a total of four Sketch Cards known to exist at this time, two from Mission Madagascar and two from Mission Costa Rica. These Sketch Cards are not available through booster packs. The two Mission Madagascar Sketch Cards can be obtained when buying a Costa Rica Starter Set, we do not believe that the Mission Costa Rica Cards can be obtained through Starter Sets however we could be mistaken, we have only opened a limited amount of those onsite. This leaves trade shows and other Matter Group events as a possible source for Sketch Cards.

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