Madagascar: Complete Card List

Number Card Name Type Commonality
1 Camouflage Boost Common
2 Fresh Spring Boost Common
3 Warning Sign Boost Endangered
4 Vacant Cave Boost Endangered
5 Lightning Strike Boost Rare
6 Swarm Boost Vanishing
7 Disguise Boost Rare
8 Armour Boost Rare
9 Heavy Storm Boost Rare
10 Stridulation Boost Common
11 Food Stash Boost Rare
12 Toxic Boost Vanishing
13 Rain Boost Rare
14 Hiding Spot Boost Common
15 Sticky Web Trap Boost Vanishing
16 Up a Tree Boost Rare
17 Full Moon Boost Rare
18 Fangs! Boost Rare
19 Brute Force Boost Vanishing
20 Ruckuss! Boost Common
21 Symbiosis Boost Endangered
22 Healing Plant Boost Rare
23 Nocturnal Instinct Boost Endangered
24 Super Smell Boost Endangered
25 Super Speed Boost Vanishing
26 Golden Bamboo Lemur Species Vanishing
27 Hawk Moth Species Common
28 Fossa Species Endangered
28x Fossa Sketch Card Species Endangered
28xsig Fossa Sketch Card (signed) Species Endangered
29 Hawksbill Sea Turtle Species Vanishing
30 Madagascar Fish Eagle Species Vanishing
31 Golden Crowned Lemur Species Vanishing
32 Ploughshare Tortoise Species Endangered
33 Tomato Frog Species Common
34 Giant Leaf-tailed Gecko Species Common
35 Nile Crocodile Species Common
36 Giant-striped Mongoose Species Endangered
37 Malagasy Ring-tailed Mongoose Species Rare
38 Golden Frog Species Vanishing
39 Commerson's Leaf-nosed Bat Species Common
40 Hairy-eared Dwarf Lemur Species Vanishing
41 Alluaudia Spiny Plant Species Rare
42 Comet Orchid Species Common
43 Dutchman's Pipe Species Common
44 Carnivorous Pitcher Plant Species Rare
45 Voantany Species Rare
46 Grandidier Baobab Species Endangered
47 White Lotus Species Common
48 Tamarind Tree Species Common
49 Travelers Palm Species Common
50 Giant Bamboo Species Common
51 Indri Species Endangered
51 Indri Sketch Card Species Endangered
51 Indri Sketch Card (signed) Species Endangered
52 Verreaux's Sifaka Species Rare
53 Woolly Lemur Species Common
54 Flat-tailed Tortoise Species Endangered
55 Katydid Species Common
56 Spider Totoise Species Common
57 Fire Millipede Species Common
58 Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Species Common
59 Comet Moth Species Common
60 Giraffe-necked Weevil Species Common
61 Clear-winged Butterfly Species Common
62 Yellow-line Caterpillar Species Common
63 Orange Pill Millipede Species Common
64 Radiated Tortoise Species Rare
65 Gold Tortoise Beetle Species Common
66 Madagascar Serpent Eagle Species Endangered
67 Madagascar Leaf-nosed Snake Species Common
68 Olive Ridley Sea Turtle Species Endangered
69 Madagascan Tree Boa Species Rare
70 Sickle-billed Vanga Species Common
71 Madagascar Crested Ibis Species Common
72 Scorpion Species Common
73 Madagascar Sideneck Turtle Species Common
74 Madagascar Ground Boa Species Rare
75 Madagascar Heron Species Endangered
76 Striped Civet Species Rare
77 Madagascar Red Owl Species Endangered
78 Loggerhead Sea Turtle Species Rare
79 Leatherback Sea Turtle Species Endangered
80 Panther Chameleon Species Rare
81 Thorn Spide Species Common
82 Oustalet's Chameleon Species Rare
83 Van Dam's Vagna Species Endangered
84 Greater Hedgehog Tenrec Species Common
85 Aye-aye Species Endangered
86 Giant Jumping Rat Species Endangered
87 Brown Mouse Lemur Species Endangered
88 Madagascar Flying Fox Species Rare
89 Pygmy Leaf Chameleon Species Common
90 Madagascar Ground Gecko Species Common
91 Running Coua Species Common
92 Coppery Day Gecko Species Common
93 White-breasted Mesite Species Rare
94 Ring-tailed Lemur Species Rare
95 Madagascar Teal Species Endangered
96 Compass Xeko Rare
97 Three Totems Xeko Rare
98 Field Binoculars Xeko Rare
99 Eco-Map Xeko Rare
100 Field Kit Xeko Rare
101 Ambassador's Pass Xeko Common
102 Forest Fire Xeko Common
103 16 Palm Nuts Xeko Vanishing
104 Code: Lamina Xeko Vanishing
105 Peace Offering Xeko Vanishing
106 Elemental: Air Xeko Common
107 Elemental: Water Xeko Rare
108 Elemental: Earth Xeko Rare
109 New Reserve Xeko Vanishing
110 Critical Levels Xeko Rare
111 Smuggler Captured Xeko Endangered
112 Ancient Text Xeko Rare
113 Vintana: Destiny Xeko Endangered
114 Dozer Mischief Xeko Rare
115 Elemental: Fire Xeko Endangered
116a Mission: Madagascar Hotspot Hotspot
116b Mission: Madagascar Hotspot Hotspot

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