Indonesia: Complete Card List

NumberCard NameTypeCommonality
1 Elongated Caecilian Species Common
2 Lichen Huntsman Species Common
3 Pink-headed Fruit-dove Species Common
4 Mountain Blackeye Species Common
5 Nicobar Megapode Species Rare
6 Bornean Peacock-pheasant Species Endangered
7 Siamese Algae Eater Species Common
8 Pygmy Seahorse Species Common
9 Whitespotted Wedgefish Species Rare
10 Firefly Species Common
11 Stag Beetle Species Common
12 Scarce Blue Tiger Species Common
13 Atlas Moth Species Common
14 Stick Insect Species Common
15 Wattle Cicada Species Rare
16 Asian Palm Civet Species Common
17 Western Tarsier Species Common
18 Gaur Species Rare
19 Proboscis Monkey Species Endangered
20 Silvery Gibbon Species Vanishing
21 Painted Terrapin Species Vanishing
22 Malayan Flying Frog Species Common
23 Banded Flying Frog Species Rare
24 Pearly Treefrog Species Rare
25 Bornean Flat-headed Frog Species Endangered
26 Ashy Tailorbird Species Common
27 Javan Kingfisher Species Common
28 Salvadori's Nightjar Species Common
29 Whitehead's Spiderhunter Species Common
30 Wattled Pheasant Species Rare
31 Green Peafowl Species Rare
32 Milky Stork Species Rare
33 Javan Trogon Species Endangered
34 Storm's Stork Species Endangered
35 Longtail Seamoth Species Common
36 Siamese Fighting Fish Species Common
37 Clubnose Guitarfish Species Rare
38 Hedgehog Seahorse Species Rare
39 Giant Grouper Species Rare
40 Weaver Ants Species Common
41 Dead-leaf Mantis Species Rare
42 Malaysian Orchid Mantis Species Rare
43 Slow Loris Species Common
44 Flat-headed Cat Species Rare
45 Otter Civet Species Endangered
46 Blanford's Flying Dragon Species Common
47 Golden Flying Snake Species Common
48 Wagler's Pit Viper Species Common
49 Asian Giant Softshell Turtle Species Rare
50 Green Turtle Species Endangered
51 Javan Owlet Species Common
52 Mountain Serpent-eagle Species Rare
53 Javan Hawk-eagle Species Endangered
54 Red Lionfish Species Common
55 Humphead Wrasse Species Endangered
56 Mottled Eagle Ray Species Endangered
57 Silver Shark Species Endangered
58 Spotted Dolphin Species Common
59 Clouded Leopard Species Rare
60 Sumatran Tiger Species Endangered
61 Earless Monitor Lizard Species Common
62 False Gharial Species Endangered
63 Spiny Turtle Species Endangered
64 Malayan Horned Frog Species Common
65 Bleeding Toad Species Vanishing
66 Bali Starling Species Vanishing
67 Javanese Lapwing Species Vanishing
68 Golden Arowana Species Endangered
69 Knifetooth Sawfish Species Vanishing
70 Pondicherry Shark Species Vanishing
71 Orca Species Common
72 Asian Elephant Species Endangered
73 Bornean Orangutan Species Endangered
74 Javan Warty Pig Species Endangered
75 Javan Rhinoceros Species Vanishing
76 Sumatran Flying Squirrel Species Vanishing
77 Sumatran Orangutan Species Vanishing
78 Sumatran Rhinoceros Species Vanishing
79 Acropora Species Common
80 Ant Plant Species Common
81 Mango Species Common
82 Rafflesia Species Common
83 Sappan Species Common
84 Cogongrass Species Common
85 Red Mangrove Species Common
86 Coffee Species Common
87 Red Durian Species Rare
88 Giant Pitcher Plant Species Endangered
89 Spiny Shield Boost Common
90 Coral Cover Boost Common
91 Charge Boost Common
92 Arowana's Luck Boost Common
93 Moonlight Boost Common
94 Vibrations Boost Rare
95 Dive Boost Common
96 Coffee Break Boost Rare
97 Flexible Trunk Boost Rare
98 Stare Down Boost Rare
99 Cut Off Boost Rare
100 Out of Options Boost Endangered
101 Earthquake Boost Endangered
102 Rainbow Boost Endangered
103 Stampede Boost Vanishing
104 Blast Fishing Xeko Common
105 Ghost Mask Xeko Common
106 Cloaking Ring Xeko Common
107 Reef Destruction Xeko Common
108 Shadow Puppet Xeko Common
109 Distraction Xeko Common
110 High Tide Xeko Rare
111 Island Hopping Xeko Rare
112 Low Tide Xeko Rare
113 Loyal Keris Xeko Rare
114 Trade Winds Xeko Endangered
115 Code: ANGORA NUT Xeko Endangered
116 Tsunami Xeko Endangered
117 Spirit Sonar Xeko Vanishing
118 Hotspot A Hotspot Rare
119 Hotspot B Hotspot Rare
120 Hotspot C Hotspot Rare

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