Costa Rica: Complete Card List

Number Card Name Type Commonality
1 Leaf-cutter Ants Species Common
2 Morpho Butterfly Species Common
3 Strawberry Tadpole Species Common
4 Lichen Katydid Species Common
5 American Manatee Species Rare
6 Tropical Pocket Gopher Species Rare
7 Owl butterfly Species Common
8 Mouthless Crab Species Common
9 Three-wattled Bellbird Species Rare
10 Stink Bug Species Common
11 Africanized Bee Species Common
12 Red-fronted Parrotlet Species Rare
13 Mantled Howler Monkey Species Common
14 Scarlet Macaw Species Common
15 Hercules Beetle Species Common
16 Rainbow Parrotfish Species Rare
17 Ducktail Moth Species Common
18 Dice's Cottontail Species Endangered
19 Baird's Tapir Species Endangered
20 Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth Species Common
21 Guatemalan Cracker Species Common
22 Red-eyed Tree Frog Species Common
23 Lungless Salamander Species Rare
24 Pacific Seahorse Species Rare
25 Central American Woolly Opossum Species Rare
26 Black-cheeked Ant Tanager Species Endangered
27 Kell-billed Toucan Species Common
28 White-lipped Peccary Species Common
29 Harlequin Frog Species Vanishing
30 Golden Orb Weaver Species Common
31 Granular Poison Frog Species Rare
32 Rana de Hojarasca Species Vanishing
33 Yellow-billed Cotinga Species Endangered
34 Central American Squirrel Monkey Species Endangered
35 Turquoise Sotinga Species Rare
36 Zebra Tarantula Species Common
37 Fig Wasp Species Common
38 Fiery-billed Aracari Species Common
39 Tamandua Species Common
40 Green Turtle Species Endangered
41 Tawny-chested Flycatcher Species Rare
42 Fishing Bulldog Bat Species Common
43 Roseate Spoonbill Species Common
44 Spectacled Owl Species Common
45 Basilisk Lizard Species Common
46 Keel-billed Motmot Species Rare
47 Common Caiman Species Common
48 Galapagos Petrel Species Vanishing
49 Red Porgy Species Endangered
50 American Crocodile Species Rare
51 Fer-de-lance Species Common
52 Bullseye Electric Ray Species Rare
52 Bullseye Electric Ray Sketch Card Species Rare
53 Olive Ridley Sea Turtle Species Endangered
54 Spider Monkey Species Common
55 Swallow-tailed Kite Species Common
56 Harris's Olingo Species Endangered
56 Harris's Olingo Sketch Card Species Endangered
57 Scalloped Hammer-head Shark Species Common
58 Golden Eyelash Viper Species Common
59 Leatherback Sea Turtle Species Vanishing
60 Hawskbill Hatchlings Species Vanishing
61 Humpback Whale Species Rare
62 Jaguar Species Endangered
63 Goliath Grouper Species Vanishing
64 Volcano Knobtail Species Endangered
65 Coral Spotted Rain Frog Species Rare
66 Giant Damselfly Species Common
67 Cocos Finch Species Rare
68 Giant Whale Shark Species Common
69 Costa Rica Golden Frog Species Vanishing
70 Ocelot Species Common
71 Laughing Falcon Species Common
72 Resplendent Quetzal Species Common
73 Crested Caracara Species Common
74 Pink-footed Shearwater Species Rare
75 Sawfish Species Vanishing
76 Bottle-nose Dolphin Species Common
77 Great Green Macaw Species Endangered
78 Kinkajou Species Common
79 Harris's Rice Water Rat Species Vanishing
80 Jabiru Stork Species Common
81 Mangrove Hummingbird Species Endangered
82 Cow Tree Species Common
83 Kapok Tree Species Common
84 Strangler Fig Species Common
85 Dracula Orchid Species Common
86 Costus Tree Species Rare
87 Bromelaid Species Common
88 Plantation Bananas Species Vanishing
89 Tea Mangrove Species Rare
90 Big Leaf Mahogany Species Rare
91 Almendro Species Common
92 Guanacaste Tree Species Common
93 Gumbo Limbo Species Common
94 Guaria Morada Species Common
95 Hotlips Species Common
96 South American Cedar Species Endangered
97 Coati Curiosity Boost Common
98 Butterfly Bluff Boost Common
99 Bold Display Boost Rare
100 Dragonfly Eyes Boost Rare
101 Golden Sunrise Boost Rare
102 Electric Shock Boost Rare
103 Shell Armor Boost Endangered
104 Jaguar Snarl Boost Endangered
105 Hercules Strength Boost Vanishing
106 Hiding Spot Boost Common
107 Playing 'Possum Boost Rare
108 Cold-blooded Boost Rare
109 Safe Nest Boost Rare
110 Treetop Scout Boost Rare
111 Hive Mind Boost Rare
112 Forest Fruit Boost Rare
113 Odd Allies Boost Rare
114 Tremor Boost Rare
115 Lava Flow Boost Endangered
116 Swipe Boost Rare
117 Deadly Venom Boost Vanishing
118 Howler Havoc Boost Rare
119 Fertile Ground Boost Rare
120 Monkey Moves Boost Endangered
121 Turn Tail Boost Endangered
122 Gale Winds Xeko Common
123 Fly Away Xeko Common
124 Chase Off Xeko Rare
125 Turtle Soup Xeko Common
126 Noxious Waters Xeko Rare
127 Deforestation Xeko Vanishing
128 Poacher Xeko Endangered
129 Code: RUTTLE Xeko Rare
130 Field Notebook Xeko Endangered
131 Filterbot Xeko Common
132 Chocolate Temple Xeko Endangered
133 Jade Amulet Xeko Endangered
134 Bolas Xeko Rare
135 Forest Fire Xeko Common
136 Sundial Xeko Common
137 Starlight Xeko Rare
138 Aerial View Xeko Rare
139 Skywalker Xeko Rare
140 Bullhorn Blockade Xeko Vanishing
141 Mystic Block Xeko Endangered
142 Gold Mine Xeko Rare
143 Spy Scope Xeko Rare
144 Turtle Patrol Xeko Endangered
145 Volcano Eruption Xeko Vanishing
146 Flash Flood Xeko Rare
147 Techpack Xeko Rare
148 Costa Rica A Hotspot Rare
149 Costa Rica B Hotspot Rare
150 Costa Rica C Hotspot Rare

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